• Fraudulent Suspension : It has come to our attention that fake suspension email notices posing as 'PDR' are being sent to you and your customers as part of a phishing scam. These emails are being sent to the registrant email address fetched via the WHOIS record associated with the Domain. Many Domain Registrars have been affected by this spear-phishing attack too. We request you to kindly ignore these emails and do not download any files or take any actions based on instructions from such emails, as the attachments might contain malicious files. 

            Click here to view a Fraudulent Sample Email.


  • User password policy update on OrderBox: In order to increase your security, we are updating the password policy for all users. Kindly follow the b Password Etiquette: 

    1. Password must be 8 - 15 characters long
    2. Password cannot contain your name
    3. Password must contain 1 character each from lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols (@ # $ % ^ & + = . \ - _ *)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

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